Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the special photographer in your life? Here’s a guide to all the best in tech, accessories, and gear! 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission should you chose to sign up for a program or make a purchase using my link at NO COST to you. It’s okay – I love all of these products anyways, and you will too!

Storage & Tech

Wireless Hard Drive with SD Reader

GAME CHANGER!! This rugged portable hard drive has a one-touch copy button to make backing up your photos on the go easy and reliable!

It’s shock-resistant and durable with long battery life – perfect for travel photographers and adventure photographers. With this little gem, you can preview and export RAW files onto your mobile devices and computers for editing on the fly – anytime, anywhere!

Available in 250gb, 500gb, 1TB, and 2TB

Arsenal Camera Assistant

Arsenal started as a Kickstarter campaign and has now been buzzing around as the first virtual camera assistant of its kind.

Personally, I have not used it – but I have heard great things!

6TB External Cloud Drive

Say goodbye to annoying hard drive cables! This bad boy connects directly from your wireless router to give you your very own cloud storage server at HOME.

What I love about this drive is that it also comes with the WD MyCloud Home app so you can connect and access your documents and photos from anywhere. It’s like having your very own personal Dropbox from your own home! You can create sharable folders and automatically back up your phone and tabled images automatically. I literally could not live with this drive! I have 3 at home.

Available in 2TB, 3TB, 6TB, and 8TB

Memory Cards Multipack
(Plus Memory Card Reader!)

A photographer can never have too many memory cards. And if your photographer shoots with Canon, Nikon, Sony, or any of the other popular camera brands, they will definitely thank you for stocking them up with fresh memory cards for the year.

Disclaimer – Memory cards come at a variety of storage capacities AND write speeds. This specific pack is great for everyday photography, but may not be the best choice for people shooting 4K video or extreme shooting conditions like fast-paced sports and weddings. If that’s who you’re looking for, try this pack instead!  


Stylish Camera & Laptop Bag

Joe Totes is one of my favorite camera bag brands. Similar to the Kelly Moore brand (but a little easier on the budget), they have really spacious camera bags that are stylish for everyday use, I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on mine!

This bag has removable dividers that you can configure to your exact needs. Easily fits a full-frame body, 2 lenses, and a flash in the main compartment with plenty to spare for my wallet and keys. The exterior pockets are perfect for keeping your batteries, SD cards, and accessories secure.

Travel Camera & Laptop Backpack

If you’re looking to gift for the adventurous photographer on the go, this backpack by Tiding might be the perfect pick. Its sleek design gives all the hipster vibes. And, it’s quite spacious.

Inside you’ll find plenty of configurable space for your camera and lenses. Plus, a designated space for credit cards, travel documents, and a laptop compartment. The outside pockets will git all your accessories, including a water bottle pocket. And it has a dual purpose as a functional backpack to keep a change of clothes and other items safely secured inside.

Personalized Camera Straps

Fotostrap has great unisex camera straps that look great for our guys and gals who want a super professional and sophisticated look!

Check out the Graphite strap. You can even personalize this strap with your name, monogram, or logo.

Added bonus? Fotostrap contributes a percentage of every sale to the nonprofit organization, Fotolanthropy.

Graphite Camera Strap


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MagMod Starter Flash

If your photographer is looking to up their flash photography game, the MagMod starter kit is the perfect holiday gift for them.

 It is an adapter system compatible with most common on-camera AND off-camera flashes that creates soft, diffused light. 

This kit comes packed with the MagGrip, MegSphere, and MagGrid.

Ring Light Kit

Ring lights are perfect for selfies, v-logs, and doing behind the scenes videos. I personally love them for setting up photo booths on the fly.

What’s great about this kit is you can use it with your phone OR your camera!


Get Lightroom as part of the Creative Cloud Photography plan

Adobe Creative Cloud – Photography Plan

Photoshop + Lightroom Plan

Gift your photographer with an Adobe photography subscription for just $9.99 per month.

With this plan, you get access to Photoshop and Lightroom – must haves for photo editing! Trust me – your photographer will LOVE you for this gift!

You also get:

  • 20GB of cloud storage, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, Adobe Spark, and access to the latest features and updates as soon as they’re released
  • Photoshop on iPad is included in the 1TB plan. It’s also included in the 20GB plan when you purchase by Jan. 31, 2020

Under $20

Photography Prism

Shooting with a prism gives you super fun flare effects in your photos – without needing Photoshop!

This one comes with a gift box and a microfiber carrying pouch. If you have never shot with one, I highly recommend it.

Floral Camera Strap 

I get so many compliments on my floral camera strap. I personally like the dark black floral because it is a great pop of color in comparison to my typical all-black wedding photographer ensemble.

And honestly, a photographer can’t have too many camera straps. I have a bunch, and when I am at family functions or events where I am just shooting for fun, having my camera strap complimenting my outfit is an extra bonus! 

Memory Card Keychain

Listen… if your photographer has never considered stashing away a memory card for a rainy day (or an “oops moment”), THEY NEED THIS!

One time, I totally forgot my memory card book when I showed up to a family portrait photography session. I mean who’s perfect right? This little thing was my LIFE saver that day.

Canon 24-105mm Lens Coffee Cup

Here’s the ultimate caffeine companion for the Canon shooter in your life!

And in case you were wondering, no – this lens does not take photos.

Memory Card Book

Toss one or two of these in as a stocking stuffer and call it a day. For under $10, you can’t go wrong! 

Camera & Lens Cleaning Kit

Need I say more? Help your photographer battle dust, dirt, germs, and whatever else comes their way.

Remote Camera Shutter for iPhone & Andriod

Help your photographer take selfies to the next level with this remote shutter camera button for iPhone and Android!

Camera & Lens Rain Cover

Help your photographer take selfies to the next level with this remote shutter camera button for iPhone and Android!

I hope you enjoyed these photographer gift suggestions!

What else would you like to see?
Do you have something to add to the list?

Let me know in the comments below. Happy shopping!


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