My Must Have Photography Gear

I tried to think of how to put together the ultimate photography gear list, but I realized something. There’s not just one list! It’s so important as a photographer to know and understand your equipment. Depending on the type of shoot I am at may call for drastically different gear!

So what’s the solution? Here’s a master list of all of my favorite tech. Plus, see how I group my gear for my weddings, portrait sessions, travel session, and in the studio!

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Breaking It Down


Not all cameras, lenses, and accessories work in all scenarios. For example, My rolling camera bag is amazing for storing gear as I travel and packing a TON of year for a wedding day. But, a shoulder bag is much more practical as I am running around on the beach capturing family lifestyle portraits.

Here’s how I typically break down my gear into groups to fit whatever scene I am shooting!

    the wedding list

    Main Camera Body

    Canon 5D Mk IV


    Canon 50mm 1.2
    Sigma 35mm 1.4
    Canon 120mm 1.4
    Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro


    Godox X860 (x2)
    Godox XPro-C Trigger
    Heavy Duty Light Stands
    Airport Thinktank Navigator

    the portrait list

    Main Camera Body

    Travel Camera Body



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