Why I Made the Switch to Flodesk


Finally, an email marketing platform made with your brand in mind first. See why I made the switch to Flodesk from Mailchimp and won't be looking back any time soon.

Why I Made the Switch to Flodesk

As creatives and entrepreneurs, we’ve put countless hours in developing the perfect brand. What’s perfect about Flodesk (besides how easy and intuitive it is) is the way it focuses on your brand first.

Beautifully Simple Email Marketing for Creatives


Flodesk is a powerful yet simple email marketing platform. Although it’s geared toward small business owners and creative entrepreneurs, anyone could give it a try. The first thing you’ll notice when you visit the website is that the email templates, right out of the box, are completely stunning. But there’s more than just the aesthetic that has creatives like myself raving about it. I’ll dive into more detail.

On top of managing clients with my marketing and consulting business, I am a photographer who manages personal branding, family sessions, and weddings. I have literally SO MUCH on my plate at any given moment. Sending emails is a constant part of building connections with my clients and prospects, and I truly need something efficient, intuitive, and personal. I think Flodesk is finally the email marketing solution I’ve been waiting for.

VideoCustomizing Email Templates

Flodesk vs. Mailchimp


Before switching to Flodesk, MailChimp was my primary platform. With that in mind, as a digital marketer, I am constantly switching back and forth between other platforms for my clients, too.

One of the disappointments I found with Mailchimp is that it wasn’t quite up to date with my style. The font choices are limited, and it’s difficult to manage consistency between mobile and desktop styling. Even with my coding knowledge, I felt I was wasting too much time trying to customize my email templates and less time actually sending emails.

    Why Flodesk is Better (for me)


    You know as well as I do, every minute counts as a solopreneur. Time is money, so I am constantly looking for ways to improve my efficiency and stay on top of the latest trends. I scooped up a promo code to get 50% off as well as a free trial from Flodesk and within minutes, I knew I could never go back to MailChimp.

    Flodesk helps me save time because once I set my brand colors, fonts, and social media accounts – I can create a new email in minutes, not hours. The templates are influenced by some of the most recognizable entrepreneurs today, such as Jenna Kutcher, Jasmine Star, and Katelyn James. 

    The templates are modern, sleek, and did I mention – FREE? Yes, that’s the other great part. All the features of Flodesk come unlimited.


    Flodesk Features


    VideoPowerful Email Marketing Automation Workflows

    Here’s a breakdown of the Flodesk’s features:


    Truthfully, before the switch, I was not properly utilizing segments. Because of how easy it is to do with Flodesk, I’ve actually been able to organize my list properly and easily assign my contacts to their own separate workflows.

    With MailChimp, I had multiple lists, which made segmentation clunky and therefore the reason why my email marketing was not growing as it should.

    Free Email Templates

    Like I stated before, the email templates are completely free. There are literally so many brand messages trying to find my attention in my inbox. It’s really important to my brand that my emails are received as valuable pieces of content to my subscribers. If I need to find inspiration, there are so many options in the template library.


    Honestly, Flodesk wins on automation because it’s just so uncomplicated! Once you’ve created your segments, you can easily assign them to workflows to automate your emails. I love the fact that I can set up a series of messages to my new brides that will walk them through what to expect with me.

    Pre-made Email Workflows (also FREE)

    If you aren’t quite ready to start from scratch, the template library has plenty of workflows freely available for you to customize. And of course, they come ready with your branding.

    Easy to understand analytics. I spend all day reviewing Google Analytics. It’s a huge relief that Flodesk has made checking campaign performance something I actually look forward to. Fortunately, since switching to Flodesk, I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my deliverability and open rates.

    Landing Pages to Build Your List

    Also known as sign-up forms or subscription forms. This was probably the game-changing feature that solidified my decision to leave Mailchimp for good. Now, I finally have brand consistency throughout my entire email marketing flow.



    A subscription with Flodesk runs at $38 per month. For a limited time, you can sign up with my private link to get it for just $19! The best part? They are still in the Beta phase. If you lock yourself into this low price, it may be the only time this offer is available.



    Currently, Flodesk links with Shopify to sync your e-commerce contacts. As they grow, you can bet to see tons of new features rolling out.

    Interested in trying Flodesk?

     You can use my link here to get 50% off your subscription for a limited time!

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