I coach creative entrepreneurs who want to build successful, prosperous businesses with authenticity and balance.

I’m Jackie, a spirited brand coach and mentor with a knack for business workflows and a wealth of experience in turning creative passions into 6-figure success stories. As a fellow creative and a hands-on mom, I get the challenges and dreams you’re juggling.

it’s harder than it looks

Feeling overwhelmed by your brand and life’s demands?
Let’s simplify.

As a creative entrepreneur, you’re deeply passionate about your art, be it photography, design, or crafting unique experiences. But here’s the catch – translating that passion into a financially successful and balanced brand isn’t always a walk in the park. It’s tough out there in a world where building your business feels more like an uphill battle and your home life still demands you.

    You’re not alone in the challenges you face.

    Does any of this sound like you?

    Feeling Overwhelmed:

    The market is saturated, and finding your unique space feels daunting – where to start?

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      Growth Plateaus:

      You’ve hit a wall in your business growth, and scaling up seems like a distant dream.

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        Inconsistency Woes:

        Your brand’s voice and visuals just aren’t aligning, leaving you and your audience confused.

         Find your strengths, weaknesses, & opportunities with a brand audit.

          Let’s face it, if we don’t tackle these hurdles head-on, you might miss out on some amazing opportunities. Your brand could end up blending into the background, and that spark inside you? It might feel like it’s dimming. But hey, this isn’t just about growing a business – it’s about embracing and living out your creative calling to the fullest.

          here’s my story:

          Photographer since 2008, mom of 1 rambunctious boy, and 6-figure portrait and wedding photographer turned brand coach.

          As a photographer, I was under the impression that taking great photos was all you needed for a booming business. But, let me tell you, it didn’t take long to realize that success in photography is a mix – sure, 30% is about nailing those perfect shots, but a whopping 70%? It’s so dependent the business side of things. It’s an art in itself, mastering how to run your business effectively.

          At some point, I was on that relentless chase for more clients, thinking it alone would boost my income, but ended up swamped with editing, culling, and endless admin tasks. My personal life was already a juggling act, and once I had my son? There went any free time I thought I had left.

          Fortunately, I was always tech-savvy, a perk of my marketing background. Frankly, it was my lifesaver. It kept me afloat through the tidal waves of running a solo business while my family was growing. It helped me transform what started as “barely making it” into a streamlined 6-figure business, bringing both financial and time freedom that I desperately needed.

          Now, I feel a deep calling to share this knowledge. I’m not just here to hone your skills as a photographer, artist, or creator – that’s your 30%. My mission is to take on the hefty 70%, breaking it down into pieces that are not just manageable but actually make you more profitable. With bespoke brand coaching tailored for people like us, I’m here to help you thrive in business and life.

          Because you shouldn’t have to choose between making a living and making a life.

          Signs you’re ready for a professional brand coach:

          Feeling overwhelmed is an understatement.

          If you’re finding yourself perpetually swamped by the day-to-day demands of your business, to the point where it’s hindering your creative process and growth, it’s a sign you need a brand coach. I can help streamline your operations, introduce effective automation, and free you up to focus on the creative and strategic aspects of your business.

          Not keeping it real (online) because you're lost in admin.

          There’s nothing worse than feeling like your business is pulling you away from your true self. If you’re struggling to keep your brand’s voice and vision authentic because you’re buried in business tasks, you need a brand coach. I’m here to help you realign, to make sure your business is a true reflection of you and your values, even as it grows and changes.

          Still looking for the sweet spot between business and family.

          When your business starts eating into family time, it’s a serious wake-up call. I’ve been in those shoes, trying to juggle it all and feeling like I’m dropping every ball. A brand coach can be a game-changer here. Together, we can set up systems and strategies that let your business flourish without compromising on those precious moments with your family and your own well-being.

          Streamline your business

          and strategize your growth.

          Private Coaching | Brand Audit | Online Courses

          Imagine your brand not just surviving, but thriving – a brand that’s distinct, loved, and profitable. You’re not just building a business; you’re crafting a legacy that beautifully blends your creativity with commercial success. You’ll transform from an entrepreneur with great ideas to a confident brand owner with a thriving, recognizable business. 

          As we dive deeper into the world of running a creative business, I want you to know that it’s completely normal to face challenges along the way. Embrace them, because they are opportunities for growth and learning. Remember, you already have the passion and talent. You just need the right workflows, strategies, and business practices to truly take the next level. 

          for the diy-ers

          The Ultimate Resource Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs

          If you’re looking for purposeful and effective ways to increase your brand’s online productivity – I have full arsenal if resources at your disposal.

          Jackie is the definition of “AMAZING”! She truly is passionate for what she’s doing and her work, smile, and bubbly personality reflects that.

          Cori Anne (Wedding Planner)